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Improve liver health by redefining alcohol dependency behaviour

AlcoChange® is a personalised behaviour change digital therapeutic program that can help with reducing and abstaining from alcohol with real-time digital interventions.

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Personalised behavioural therapy
AlcoChange® delivers personalised behavioural therapy developed using proven behavioural change techniques to each individual to help them abstain or reduce alcohol consumption.
Build & Design
Self-monitoring of behavioural outcomes
AlcoChange® aids the individual in recording their abstinence or alcohol use with the help of the integrated Digital Breathalyser.
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The Challenges

Continued alcohol use is the single largest determinant of the prognosis of ARLD patients, with a 50% mortality rate within 3 years.
There is no effective pharmacological therapy to ensure abstinence or reduction in alcohol use in ARLD patients. The most important element in ensuring that an ARLD patient does not deteriorate involves cutting down or eliminating alcohol use, ultimately leading to total abstinence. Whilst Alcohol Care Teams exist for this very purpose, they are not a scalable solution and, in reality, only a small proportion of harmful drinkers receive interventions from such teams.

The Solution

AlcoChange® system, software as a medical device (SaMD), provides an innovative solution to address this problem. At its core, AlcoChange® consists of a smartphone app that communicates with the CyberLiver Platform and connects with an external digital biomarker that enables self-recording of abstinence or alcohol use and provide positive reinforcement. AlcoChange – a novel, patented, UKCA-marked digital therapeutic is developed with feedback from alcohol service users and validated in a pilot study in a clinical setting in the UK.

Intented use

AlcoChange® intended to reduce alcohol use and maintain abstinence in individuals with established alcohol-related liver disease.

Healthy livers, healthier lives !

AlcoChange is proven to help people reduce alcohol consumption and work towards abstinence, which is essential in improving liver health

Change behaviour around alcohol

AlcoChange is a patented groundbreaking Digital Therapeutic solution that is designed to help users abstain from or reduce alcohol consumption

What’s included with AlcoChange

  • 90 day tailored digital behaviour change therapy
  • AlcoChange patient care app
  • Clinical dashboard
  • AlcoChange Digital Breathalyser
  • Personalised and continuously evolving digital behaviour change interventions (DBCIs)
  • Goal-setting and management
  • Daily/weekly/monthly journal to track abstinence, cravings and relapse

How AlcoChange Works

AlcoChange was created based on an amalgamation of various behavioural change techniques

AlcoChange brings the science of behaviour change increase abstinence and increase retention in the outpatient treatment program.


Behavioural interventions are personalised and ever-evolving to adapt to the user’s needs


Encourages engagement and participation through regular motivations, nudges and follow-ups


Learn how to identify triggers, break negative behaviours, and develop healthier responses

Clinical Study

In hospitals, Alcohol Care Teams (ACTs) work to help high-risk patients with liver disease to abstain from consuming alcohol. However, increasing numbers of patients year-on-year mean ACTs cannot review every patient. AlcoChange could help reduce the number of hospital admissions and deaths associated with alcohol-related liver disease with the help of a behavioural change smartphone app.

AlcoChange has already been shown to have positive benefits in an initial study at the Royal Free Hospital in London. More extensive clinical trials are underway, with one of the studies coordinated by the Southampton Clinical Trials Unit (SCTU). Know more about the AlcoChange Clinical Trial Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to improve your liver health outcome, please check with your healthcare provider whether they offer the AlcoChange prescription therapy. AlcoChange therapy is currently been provided only via your Healthcare provider.

f you are a healthcare provider and would like to partner with us for a clinical trial, please email [email protected].

AlcoChange is a 90 day prescription digital therapeutic.

AlcoChange comes included with the AlcoChange patient app and an optional Digital Breathalyser.

As part of the enrolment and onboarding, you will be guided using the AlcoChange application and breathalyser.

As part of the AlcoChange clinician setup, you will have access to patient details and real-time patient monitoring using an actionable clinician dashboard.

Please contact our support team at [email protected] if you have any technical issues with the AlcoChange app or breathalyser.

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Getting started with AlcoChange

Whether you are a healthcare provider, a clinical trial partner, an ARLD patient or a user who wants to reduce your alcohol consumption and gain access to AlcoChange or support along your journey, we are here to help.

Email us at [email protected]

Customer Support

If you are an already existing customer or have technical or other issues, our experts are ready to help.

Email us at [email protected]