Digital Breathalyser

The digital breathalyser is an easy-to-use and quick visual means to self-monitor alcohol consumption and behaviour outcomes. The breathalyser can only be used with the app and connects to the app using Bluetooth or a USB cable. It facilitates self-monitoring of alcohol use/abstinence through a quick breath check and provides positive reinforcement.

Fuel Cell Sensor:

The AlcoChange® Digital Breathalysers are designed with premium fuel cell sensors for highly accurate results. It is easy to use and store even when in an inebriated state and is very quick to connect and warm up even if used after a long time. Fuel cell sensors provide long-term reliability, and accurate and consistent results. Generally, fuel cell sensors have an average life of 5-7 years; we recommend re-calibrating the devices after every 1,000 blows or 12 months of fair use.