How it works – old version

Battery-less breathalyser + Smartphone App + A Smart cloud-based behavior change platform

The AlcoChange Clinical app was developed following feedback from alcohol service users. It allows monitoring of craving, alcohol consumption and breath alcohol, and provides positive & motivational messaging to patients.


Registration & Onboarding: 
Patients register for the program through a provider and undergo a quick Baseline assessment test to assess their drinking.

Educating the patients: 
Patients are educated about the risks and problems associated with alcohol use and highlight the importance of abstaining from alcohol and remote monitoring

Responsibility & advice to change:


Patients are made more responsible by asking them to identify the reasons for them to be sober and record them in the app which will be later used to reinforce change and motivate them.

They also learn about the triggers that might lead them to have a drink and the triggers are recorded into the app to help them deliver personalised nudges.

The app and platform primarily focuses on Self Monitoring and Positive Reinforcement

The app connects to a cloud-based behaviour change platform. The  platform collects data from the user and aggregates the same.

Self Monitoring:

  • The platform delivers personalised nudges to help users self-monitor themselves to record their Cravings and Alcohol tests.
  • The in-app craving feature helps users record a craving when they feel the urge to have a drink and the app follows helps the users to overcome the craving by nudging them with the reasons they wanted to be sober
  • It appreciates the users if they were able to overcome a craving and helps them be more confident. 
  • Alcohol Tests – Patients are given the AlcoChange Digital Biomarker (Breathalyser) for remote monitoring
  • The app nudges the patients to take an alcohol breath test using the biomarker at specified times       (set by the Clinician or by self or by the platform)

Positive Messaging:

When the patient record their sobriety or overcome a craving the app rewards and motivates them with an appreciation and personalised positive message

Eg. Don’t forget that cravings pass with time, so if you manage to resist & stay dry, it will be easier next time

Motivational Messaging: 

When a patient records a negative alcohol test the app empathise with an motivational message nudge 

Eg. That’s great news, well done. It will be easier next time , you’ve done really well

Positive Reinforcement:

The AlcoChange Clinical app and platform motivate the patients continuously through the following features and induce positive reinforcement

  • Drink free day counter
  • Cravings Overcome
  • Negative Alcohol Test   history
  • Money saved counter

Remote Contacts: 

The app also provides the ability for the patients to remotely call anyone from the list of persons below and their contact numbers are added as a quick one touch button in the app

  • Alcohol Worker
  • Friends
  • Family Members
  • UK Drinkline

The app and platform are hosted in the NHS Secured Cloud Server thus ensuring a data protection and privacy of the patients enrolled in the program.