The Science behind AlcoChange

The Science behind AlcoChange

AlcoChange delivers digital interventions to change behaviour, increasing engagement and abstinence in patients with ARLD. AlcoChange uses essential Behavioural Change Techniques (BCTs) and identifies the active components of the Behavioural Change Interventions (BCIs) to deliver personalised Digital Behavioural Change Notifications (DBCNs) digitally. 

Studies reveal that people are motivated by different goals, and self-set goals and action plans tend to result in a more significant commitment to goal achievement than assigned goals. Personalised engagement techniques like pictures, messages and time/location-based notifications result in more outstanding commitment. AlcoChange’s model is focused on behavioural change by constant engagement over the entire period of the therapy by personalising the BCNs based on patient engagement and progress. 

AlcoChange’s Behaviour Change Technique Categories

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Self-monitoring of behavioural outcomes
  3. Use of prompts and cues
  4. Reinforcement and motivation
  5. Restructuring the physical and social environments
  6. Social support

 Goal Setting

People are motivated by different types of goals; goals and action plans determined by the user tend to result in a more significant commitment to goal achievement than those assigned externally. AlcoChange enables the setting up of abstinence goals.

Self-monitoring of behavioural outcomes

AlcoChange aids the individual in recording their abstinence or alcohol use with the help of the integrated Digital Breathalyser.

Use of Prompts and Cues

AlcoChange uses technology to digitally deliver behavioural interventions in the form of prompts and cues as appropriate.

Reinforcement and Motivation

AlcoChange delivers positive reinforcement and motivations as active ingredients to enable positive behavioural change and improved engagement.

Restructuring the Physical and Social Environments

AlcoChange works towards restructuring environments by identifying alcohol triggers and offering replacement activities.

Social Support

AlcoChange works on building an inclusive therapy by letting individuals engage their supportive family and friends to be a part of their journey towards alcohol abstinence.