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Cyberliver announces poster presentation of AlcoChange pilot study at The Liver Meeting 2018

Reports a positive pilot study of AlcoChange, a Smartphone Tool and Behavioural Intervention Platform to Reduce Alcohol Consumption in Alcohol-Related Liver Disease

London, England, Nov. 10, 2018 – Cyberliver Ltd, a developer of cutting-edge solutions for  liver care, today announced that Dr Gautam Mehta and team will present a poster at The Liver Meeting 2018 of the  American  Association  for  the  Study  of  Liver  Diseases  held  on  Friday,  November  9th  through Tuesday, November 13th, at the Moscone North and South Convention Centre in San Francisco.

The poster is entitled “AlcoChange: A Pilot Study of a Smartphone Tool to Reduce Alcohol Consumption in Alcohol-Related Liver Disease (Poster #1398) ” and will be presented on Sunday, November 11 2018, between 8:00 AM and 5:30 PM at Moscone Center, Hall C – Poster Hall.

Dr Gautam Mehta, Clinical Lead of the study, Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Hepatology at Royal Free Hospital said: “We are delighted to be presenting this study at The Liver Meeting 2018. These data demonstrate the potential of digital tools like AlcoChange to help manage alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD).” The AlcoChange clinical study, which ran from spring 2015 to end of 2017 at Royal Free London NHS Trust, supported by The Health Foundation and led by Prof Kevin Moore and Dr Gautam Mehta, clearly  demonstrated  that  a  smartphone  app/breathalyzer  can  be  used  for  self-monitoring  and  for Behavior  Change  Interventions  (BCIs)  in  patients  with  ARLD,  with  a  clear  ‘dose-response’  amongst compliant patients. “Smartphone apps are a scalable intervention to help maintain abstinence in ARLD”

Commenting on the study, Prof Rajiv Jalan, Clinician Scientist, Prof of Hepatology, Head of Liver Failure group at UCL, said “the data from this study is very exciting and shows that we can potentially find new treatments using digital technologies for treating liver disease to reduce deaths and improve quality of life”

About Cyberliver:

Cyberliver  is  a  company  that  focuses  on  delivering  cutting-edge  solutions  for  liver  care  via the use  of innovative technology, based out of London, England, UK

About AlcoChange:

AlcoChange is a patented Smartphone App/Breathalyzer platform, allows the monitoring of craving, alcohol consumption, and breath alcohol, and provides motivational messaging in response to patient triggers.

About AlcoChange Study:

AlcoChange – A Smartphone Tool to Reduce Alcohol
Use and Admissions in Alcoholic Liver Disease

For AlcoChange and CYBERLIVER Contact: RAVI KUMAR, [email protected]